Commercial Real Estate | WRLD3D

Commercial real estate

Visualize the financial and operational performance data of properties in real time for faster analysis and decision-making.

Real-time property visualization

Deliver interactive, accurate three-dimensional visualizations of your interior commercial spaces for richer context and insights.

We provide an intuitive interface for property management solutions, so you can better understand complex financial and operational performance data of properties in real time.

Smart city real time

Simplify and control your data

Simplify asset management

Simplify asset management. Increasing revenue, decreasing operating costs, and raising occupancy rates.

Unify multiple locations

Unify multiple location datasets in a single interactive map and dashboard, such as city and neighbourhood trends, growing business areas, population growth, timeline of real estate development, etc.

Control information

Seamlessly control the information purchasers can interact with so they only see what is relevant to their needs.

Interactive videos

Integrate interactive videos, photos, and models into the map to better market your property value to purchasers.