We are pleased to announce that WRLD has been selected as a finalist for the Scotland and Northern Ireland region of the Spectator Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2019. These awards are in association with Julius Baer, one of the oldest and largest Swiss banking institutions.

About the Awards

The Spectator Economic Disruptor Awards are a celebration of creative entrepreneurship throughout the UK. The organizers of the event aim to encourage business-builders that bring new thinking and positive change to established markets. Entrants for these awards have historically been innovators with real passion for their products and their customers. Not only that, but their solutions have the potential to scale up from local to national and international arenas, backed by strong financial plans. The finalists, who were shortlisted after a very competitive and rigorous screening process, come from every corner of the thriving startup and entrepreneurial scene in the UK.

Digital Twins: bringing radical positive change

The recognition that WRLD is receiving from the Julius Baer Spectator Economic Disruptor Awards are testimony to the radical positive change and the cutting edge technology that we are building. At WRLD, we can help visualize data in a completely unique way, so you can not only interact with it, but also gain valuable insights.

One way to do that is by creating Digital Twins. Digital Twins make it easy for people to experience, understand, control and simulate our complex world. In the past, Digital Twins have been computationally intensive and costly to build, and so were restricted to specialist fields and small user bases. As a result their wider potential has gone unrealized.

At WRLD, we have been successful in ensuring that the Digital Twin technology can be mainstreamed by putting location-aware Digital Twins into everyone’s hands, ensuring that it is easily available at all levels of the organisation.

According to Gartner, 1 million connected devices are entering the global ecosystem every hour. This means that the world is filling up with data at an astonishing rate in an increasingly interconnected world. The challenge that we now face is that the data that is coming to the fore is not being converted into the desired information.

WRLD’s nomination is validation of our ambitious aim of bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds, and laying the foundation for the future of immersive computing. Having delivered and operationalized immersive experiences for some of the most recognized organizations including Bloomberg and WhiffAway, WRLD is now living up to its claim of being a truly global collaborative company. Our core platform team is based in Dundee, Scotland, a storied city for game development, with additional technical teams based out of Asia and the US.