At WRLD, we’re always looking to increase our map coverage and extend the reach of our data and services to as many users as possible - so we’re excited to announce that our world just got a whole lot bigger.

WRLD adds 46 European countries

As a part of this initiative, we asked you if there was any particular area you wanted us to add to our ever increasing portfolio of 3D maps. You voted, we listened - and we are now pleased to announce that we have expanded the WRLD platform to include over 95% of Europe! Here is the complete list of nation states that have been added:

Austria Azores
Belarus Belgium
Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria
Croatia Cyprus
Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Faroe Islands
Finland France
Georgia Germany
Greece Hungary
Iceland Isle of Man
Italy Kosovo
Latvia Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg
Macedonia Malta
Moldova Monaco
Montenegro Netherlands
Norway Poland
Portugal Romania
Serbia Slovakia
Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland
Turkey Ukraine (Including Crimea)

These 46 new countries cover a staggering 5,679,700 square kilometers and a population of over 616 million people. These new territories join the existing 30 million square kilometers mapped on our platform which includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and more. We are very eager to see what you build.

For Europe, the underlying GIS data we used comes from OpenStreetMap. WRLD is committed to the open source community and intends to continue using OSM for future territory builds.

Create unique 3D mapping experiences

Using wrld.js, our custom-built JavaScript API, you can create an intuitive 3D mapping experience that encompasses both the interior and exterior of any building - including office complexes, plazas, shopping malls, airports, hotels, universities or even cruise ships; the possibilities are endless.

Build a variety of AR and VR games and apps in Unity

You can use the WRLD Unity SDK to create rich location-based VR games and AR apps. Our maps are textured and based on a real-world coordinate system. Combined with the Unity game engine, this makes for robust and high-performance gaming and world-building. Set up Western Europe in the WRLD Unity SDK with our simple instructions.

Unlimited Opportunities for 3D environments

With WRLD, you can build your very own flight simulator with 25 lines of code in just 30 minutes. Why not fly around the Eiffel Tower with a plane of your choice in an integrated 3D environment?

Cross-platform accessibility and support

Our tools, services and SDKs that you can use to build interactive, location aware experiences for web, mobile, and VR/AR are available across multiple platforms including JavaScript, Android, Unity and iOS. You can view our code samples and API documentation for detailed instructions on each platform to help you get started.

Upload and manage your own maps

Claim your buildings in WRLD by uploading your own exclusive indoor map, fully integrated within your building or campus app. Our WRLD Indoor Map services team is ready to assist in complex cases with advanced technical support.

Need a different part of the world?

If you want any particular territory covered by WRLD, you can always let us know by voting on our coverage map, or by contacting us for commercial enquiries. If you’re interested in seeing your area in WRLD, be it a city, town, or building, we would recommend ensuring OpenStreetMap is up to date in your area!

Want to set up Western Europe in the WRLD Unity SDK v0.7?

Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Select the WrldMap gameobject in the hierarchy on the left
  2. Click the gear next to the WrldMap script in the inspector on the right and select Edit Script
  3. Paste the following ConfigParams into the existing SetupApi() method, like so:
    void SetupApi()
     config.CoverageTreeManifestUrl = "";
     config.ThemeManifestUrl = "";

And that’s it!

Get Started with WRLD 3D Maps

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