eeGeo’s 3D Indoor Maps offering is available and we are now accepting submissions! This means that you can submit your indoor own maps to eeGeo and view them using our immersive 3D technology.

The images below show 2D map data and the eeGeo 3D indoor map generated from it.

Source indoor map data

eeGeo maps

About eeGeo Indoor Maps

Our indoor mapping technology provides an immersive experience, and is used by companies such as Cisco. We’ve also partnered with the leading indoor mapping company Micello, giving us access to thousands of indoor maps in multiple countries.

Our indoor maps bring numerous benefits, such as intuitive navigation, compelling visualization and integration with indoor positioning technologies.

You are in Control

Once you’ve created the initial map data, you are in control of the update frequency. Want to change categorisation of rooms, or update your indoor map layout? Make an edit and re-submit for processing.

Getting Started

Head over to our github repository and check out the submission tutorial. Additional resources are available detailing the indoor map file format, submission API usage and more.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via