Here at eeGeo we’re super-excited to announce the launch of our revamped website which is now live! You’re on it now, but to get back remember:

The last 18 months have been an extremely busy time at eeGeo. The revamped website shows much of what we’ve been up to:


We now have over 3.5 million users of our maps and we’re growing daily. Recce, our exemplar app now has over 500,000 users and is expanding, with updated versions on the way.

Open Source

Recce is now completely open source. You can use it as the foundation of your own location-based app.


We’re working closely with a number of exciting clients.


We’ve delivered a stunning 3D virtual world of Japan for ZENRIN DataCom and NTT docomo, the largest network operator in Japan. V&A are currently using our maps to power the accompanying app to their mobile gallery Design in Motion.

Future Development

We’ve been experimenting with VR maps. You can now experience maps in Virtual Reality via an open source integration of our SDK with Oculus DK2. We’ve also been experimenting with bringing our maps to the Web via an alpha release of our maps in WebGL.


We’re looking to bring interiors to our platform by working closely with our partners such as micello.

You’ll also now find more information about the features of our 3D maps platform, including awesome 3D route display and 3D GPS trace matching:

Over the coming weeks our focus is turning to the developer site. We’ll be integrating our developer content more closely with and significantly improving the developer docs - making it even easier drop our stunning 3D maps into your iOS or Android apps.

If you’re interested in working on cutting-edge mapping and interesting challenges: keep an eye on our jobs page:

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