This week, we’re attending Realcomm’s Intelligent Building Conference, fittingly held in the heart of Silicon Valley. We’re in San Jose introducing our Smart Workplace app, which is built upon eeGeo’s 3D Map Engine. We’ve made prerequisite cute explainer video, outlining the core problem that our technology solves.

It’s a problem everyone at Realcomm is familiar with. On any given day on a corporate campus or highrise, there are a lot of lost, unproductive employees; several minutes a day adding up to astronomical amounts over the year. eeGeo’s smart workplace reduces time wasted by delivering intuitive indoor maps to a mobile workforce. These are not just ordinary 2D floorplans: our speciality is making maps that captivate users, and deliver an amazing user experience. 3D is not a gimmick, it makes our maps simpler to understand: users find things faster using our maps, and spend more time exploring the world. These maps are dynamic: connected to the outside world, naturally representing a range of data sources and services. These basic wayfinding solutions are just the start – our platform can deliver value throughout a property’s lifecycle. We help wire up this map to a range of internal systems & 3rd party tools, to make your office come alive. Your conference rooms broadcasts its occupancy with a soft virtual glow, and your teams’ desks provide ambient awareness of their “approachability status”. We are seeing that once you have a great map to your building, your community will find other incredibly useful ways to use it. We’re here at Realcomm to learn what are some of the other problems that can be solved with our 3D maps, so we hope you come by and have a look. We’ve also got a few cool new things to show you, so come by booth 802 to check out our demos: Virtual Reality Maps Our maps are the only map engine truly VR-ready. Virtual and Augmented reality will play a large role in the real estate industry – the main product is inherently 3D! Marketing uses are the most obvious initial experiences, but there are many other applications for a more immersive visualization technique. eeGeo offers a powerful platform for creating VR experiences set in the real world. eeGeo have built a great base 3D world, and made it easy to augment particular places with greater detail. It’s accessible to a wide range of developers: no specialized 3D skills are needed. At it’s core, it’s a map API after all; developers can be up and running with a VR demo within a few hours. It’s the future & it’s shipping soon, so come try it and hope to score a free Google Cardboard headset. Indoor Positioning Integrations Today, Indoor positioning is finally becoming more widespread, and it’s usefulness will unlock as much value as GPS did (after all, we spend 90% of our time indoors). Our technology works with all of these new systems: we’re proudly working with Cisco, Senion Labs, even Apple: each have solutions that can deploy accurate, affordable indoor GPS systems in a matter of days. This simple wayfinding service alone will return the cost within 6 months for a 200-person office. Come by and check out our demo, & learn how easy it is to enable powerful indoor positioning services for your building.