Indoor Mapping Designer

Our 3D indoor maps can transform any building or venue into an immersive digital environment. Create the best indoor mapping experience possible using our 3D digital twin platform.

We also have an easy to use self-service Indoor Map Design tool which allows management and design of 3D buildings, venues, campuses, shopping malls and more.

Using the WRLD Map Design tools, you can create indoor maps full of rich content that can be managed by anyone and shared through websites or mobile apps. You can build indoor maps for smart building, indoor wayfinding, real estate and digital workplace solutions.

Our three short video tutorials below walk you through the tools and processes to create an indoor 3D map.

Getting Started with Indoor Maps: Choose Your Building

An introduction video to our self-service Indoor Map Uploader shows you how to locate and ‘claim’ your building within WRLD. To get started quickly, make sure you:

  1. Sign up for a free WRLD account
  2. Download QGIS v2.18
  3. Have internal floor plans ready of your location(s)

Trace Floor Plans and Upload Indoor Maps

The second video of the tutorial walks you through QGIS 2.18 and shows you how to upload and trace your floor plan to create your 3D indoor map.

Upload and Submit your Indoor Map to WRLD

The final video in our series shows you how to upload your indoor building map and submit it for review to publish publicly in WRLD.

  1. Upload your Map to the WRLD
  2. Review your map
  3. Submit your map to be publicly available in WRLD maps, which means it is viewable on WRLD Mobile apps, at, and is available in your Map Designer custom maps.

At this point, you are also able to obtain a shareable link so that you can share your 3D indoor map or use it in an application you’re developing.

Enjoy creating your immersive indoor mapping experience and if you have any questions please email

If you wish for your map to remain private in WRLD or require advanced map fidelity levels, please contact sales to discuss our indoor map services.

WRLD Indoor Maps