WRLD Pricing Update

Dear WRLD Family, Today we’re updating our pricing to meet the growing needs of our community. Over the course of the last few years, we’ve seen the WRLD community grow and inspire us. We’ve been amazed by the level of... Read more

Digital Twins Are the Future of Large Event Space Management

Digital twins have been around for years, but traditionally they have been used in industries, such as manufacturing, that use simulations of heavy machinery to understand their inner workings. Today, digital twin technology has come a long way. While the... Read more

Introducing the InMall App: An immersive 3D shopping experience

An Immersive 3D Shopping Experience We have been talking about how the WRLD platform can be used to revolutionize the retail experience for visitors. Today we’re proud to announce the launch of InMall in Thailand where our partners 2ndWRLD are... Read more

Indoor Navigation: Benefits and Use Cases

Imagine you’re in an enormous shopping center with hundreds of stores, thousands of square feet, and plenty of fellow shoppers - and you want to find one particular store. How do you find it? Your phone’s GPS can only tell... Read more

Digital Twins Are Changing the Hospitality Industry

Digital transformation is well underway in the hospitality industry, offering a much more personalized, customer-centric experience. Digital twin technologies exemplify this trend by empowering guests with greater control over even the smallest details of their stays. Digital twins are virtual... Read more

Trends in Workspace Design with IoT and Tech

IoT devices and data are unlocking entirely new opportunities for companies to improve the environment and workspace for employees. Occupancy sensors, footfall monitoring, temperature, air quality sensors and other IoT technologies gather data that can then be used to create... Read more

WRLD selected as finalist for 2019 Spectator Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards

We are pleased to announce that WRLD has been selected as a finalist for the Scotland and Northern Ireland region of the Spectator Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2019. These awards are in association with Julius Baer, one of... Read more

Smart Campus: Benefits, Trends, and Technology - Part 2

Smart Campus Use Cases One recent addition to the available arsenal of smart campus tools comes from WRLD. Institutions can create fully-navigable, graphically-dynamic, detailed 3D representations of their campuses, including building Indoor Maps. Abertay University in the UK used WRLD... Read more

Smart Airports

Smart airport technology is changing the airport experience as we know it - from cumbersome and complicated to enjoyable and simple. Long lines, delayed status updates, and confusing directional signs will soon become a thing of the past. A smart... Read more

Smart Campus: Benefits, Trends, and Technology - Part 1

When students decide where to attend university, the campus visit experience can go a long way toward winning prospects over. Schools face steep competition for students—in 2018 only 38% of higher education institutions met their enrollment goals—and the overall student... Read more

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