We are excited to announce the first release of our POIs API.

POIs in Chicago


Points of Interest are critical cartographic content. Whether outdoor to find the nearest coffee shop or indoor to find the nearest available meeting room.

In this initial release, we’re focusing on Indoor POIs for our Indoor Maps. When dealing with indoor maps and venues POIs become more personal - personal to your space.

We’ve worked closely with V&A Dundee who curated over 300 Points of Interest around Scotland for Design Scotland. The learning from this experience can be seen in the first release of our poi-api which allows you to maintain, manage and personalize your own POI data.

Existing Providers

We are not looking at providing full point of interest coverage, at least not yet. There are many existing providers of complete POI datasets. We make use of Yelp in our Recce app, and eegeo-example-app is flexible enough to consume a variety of providers.

What we do find is customers wanting their own, private POI datasets. Especially for their own venue. Therefore Indoor POIs are the focus of Version 1 of our poi-api.

Getting Started

The poi-api is targeted at developers initially, specifically developers looking to customise eegeo-example-app with their own Point of Interest dataset. To find out more about the details of the POI API, head over to the git repository.

Future Thoughts

We’re thinking about allowing POIs you submit to form part of a consensual world. Optionally, all POIs that you submit would appear in all of our maps. In Recce - and in other customer apps.

We’re also planning on opening up the management of POIs beyond developers. Venue owners and managers will be able to maintain POI datasets without the need for developer involvement.

Feedback is much appreciated, so if you have any thoughts or comments, please get in touch!