By Calum Leask/Mike McKenna

We’re excited to announce our new app - ‘WRLD’. Coinciding with our new brand launch, WRLD will be our first publicly available app since Recce. It’s packed with new features and expanded map coverage, making it easier to use and more relevant across a greater number of locations.

WRLD is available for iOS and Android and is free to download. WRLD can be customised with our new suite of online map design tools or extended programmatically by our ever growing range of SDKs and APIs. Customised maps are much more relevant to your users and customers for any use case or business application. Use the WRLD app as a showcase for what you create, or a jumpstart to building an application. Let’s introduce some of these new features and developments in a bit more detail…

Extensive user testing has helped define and drive a User Experience update which includes a bunch of new features and a design iteration of our User Interface. Generally we’ve moved away from our tourist-centric ‘Recce’ apps towards a far more useful and intuitive 3D map application.

  • New, intuitive and simpler User Interface allows users to explore the 3D map and content at their leisure or pinpoint information and locations more quickly for users who are pushed for time.
  • Crisper, more legible map labels and information make it much simpler to locate and navigate.
  • Improved search and extensible, flexible tagging allow contextually relevant information and search options to be served at different locations.
  • Improved compass and indoor positioning controls make orientation and navigation far easier both outdoors and indoors.

We’ve extended the coverage of our maps to include

  • Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden & Finland)
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Bangkok

These new areas are all available in WRLD, alongside the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Paris and Melbourne’. WRLD offers access to many more indoor maps such as the V&A Museum in London, the Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee and Abertay University. We also provide support for Senion and IndoorAtlas indoor positioning, allowing you to pinpoint your location in our indoor maps.

We’ve also been working hard on a range of map design tools allowing customers to easily create and customise their own maps which can then be shared with end-users through our online 3D maps or through the WRLD mobile app.

Map Designer means that WRLD app can be customised to:

  • open the map at your desired location and view when the app is launched.
  • feature a unique menu - contextual to your use case
  • display a different theme or style more sympathetic to your requirements

Places Designer allows users to add their own location based content to maps in the form of PINs and Points of Interest.

  • Custom places (points of interest) semantically tagged to your subject matter.
  • HTML custom places - allowing you to import your own web based content or live data to WRLD’s information layer.

WRLD is available for iOS and Android and free to download:

You can have a go at designing your own maps by signing up or logging in and exploring the map design tools. Custom maps that you create can be shared on the WRLD mobile app or online.

We’re very excited to see how you use WRLD and the maps you create! Please share with us @wrld3d with #madewithWRLD or

From all of us at WRLD, all over the WRLD