I had the pleasure of speaking at Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara a few weeks ago about why our world provides the ideal environment for building location-based content in AR and VR. It was inspiring to see how much bigger the community had grown from our last visit.

A fully intelligent digital twin is interactive and reflective of real-time happenings in the physical world. We are so close to realizing our vision of creating a digital twin of the physical world, and we believe the next step is to make it exceptionally easy for our partners to make their base map intelligent; anyone can then create an application that has all their relevant IoT or location data embedded. Imagine being able to manipulate the world in augmented reality to predict future outcomes, creating smarter buildings, cities, and road networks. For example, new computing mediums like AR/VR also allow for new perspectives, understanding what the passenger experience is like in an autonomous vehicle through a VR experience can help engineers bridge empathy gaps when designing the road networks of the future.

The new Apple ARkit is exciting, as I finally see the potential for AR to become mainstream faster. Over the last few weeks since the WWDC announcement, I’ve been in awe of how quickly developers are experimenting and sharing their creations. I’ve never seen such a vibrant creative collaboration to quite the scale that we’re seeing now. Apple’s AR will immediately reach millions of people who already have the iPhone. Playing around with the new Apple AR Kit was so much fun, but also was eye opening for our business as we can realize immediate value by seeing real-time data and localized information populated by using our maps anywhere anytime.

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