wrld.js is the WRLD JavaScript SDK built on the Leaflet API for creating interactive 3D map experiences on the web for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our friends at ProgrammableWeb featured a tutorial we wrote on how to build a 3D airport experience using our existing indoor map of LAX Tom Bradley.

The tutorial includes instructions on how to incorporate features like search, point-of-interest markers, and indoor routing for a truly dynamic indoor Javascript map solution that can be built in minutes.

Example indoor map

Drawing indoor routes with WRLD JavaScript SDK

To follow this guide, you’ll only need to be familiar with basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. To actually create your own 3D airport map, you’ll need to create a free account with WRLD to get our Javascript map API key. You can see our end result of the tutorial in this CodePen.


With 3D airport maps, you can create a more streamlined airport visitor experience, monitor employee traffic and building interactions. Build something that makes it easier for users to find terminals and departure gates, explore shops and restaurants on the concourses, and be notified of pertinent safety, airline or flight information.

Depending on who views the maps, you can design separate experiences for travelers, airport employees, retailers, or airline operators based on the kind of data that is relevant to them, and then serve the needed version of the map in real time.

The WRLD mapping platform makes it easy for JavaScript developers to use wrld.js to create or embed intuitive mapping experiences. Learn more about uploading and designing indoor maps and explore our other developer-friendly SDKs here.

Happy (Indoor) Mapping!